Run Bad Boy Run

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Simran By simranm17 Completed
Ember Chance thought she'd seen the last of her tormentor when he was shipped away for good. Finally she was free of his bullying. But Hayden Cross is back and out for revenge
    This means war.
    But beyond the pranks, rumors, taunting, and drama high school can't function without is something more. It's something that nobody ever expects. Fate has a funny way of doing things. When fire and ice collide, there is going to be steam. And a twist that nobody ever expected.
    Especially them.
    * * * 
Totally off topic but I think an ant is currently biting me ..
I used to have a Samsung a few years back and I cannot for the life of me understand how I coped with a fûcking brick.
Hell, thats what you mean..... right? Cause theres no why you could like that hell hole...... right? Please tell me I'm right! Please! I'm legit begging you! 
                                    Any way lol!!
if he's a problem then I wouldn't mind adding another problem in my life
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I took his last name for the kardashian game he's fucking  beautiful
There's this guy in my science class named Hayden. he's a dïck