Facebook HAUNTED !

What will you do when you get a friend request from your own I D and if you approve you die ! What would happen if the internet goes haunted and start haunting every one! Would Sam be able to save Jyoti or she will die like other thousands or survive from the Haunted Facebook. Note : this book has 'no' interest to point a gunfire on the websites name used in it and it's a pure work of fiction and the author reserves the right to copy and edit the work and if anyone tries to mess with the material unveils book will be held for hampering copyright laws.
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*calls Sherlock Holmes* Sherlock, we've got some murders on our hands. Take a look?
I like this one. how they all past it on about the facebook for making no more kills happening. i would have done it also ;k
Why Rachel is stil using the slowpoke IE? I can't even bear the slowness. Anyway, nice opening
This is great. Now I'm getting scared of accepting friend requests on Facebook...
Okay, this was freaky scary! Especially when reading this late at night in the dark! Ayayayyyyy
OooO :D Nice work. By the way, I won't be commenting on every chapter, but when I have read the whole thing, I shall comment on the very last chapter for you.

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