Fifteen year-old Amanda Fray, AKA Mango, was just dealing with her normal issues; boys and friends and cheerleading, and her severe case of what she thought was the flu, when she suddenly collapsed in agony on the gym floor in front of everyone. Now bedridden with terminal pancreatic cancer, she has to try to enjoy what little time she has left with her closest friends and family, and the guy she's crushed on since the beginning of freshman year.
This is a very well written story! I'm wondering, if it's not too personal, have you ever known anyone with cancer?
So far, I am loving this! I absolutely LOVED the way you gave the girls nicknames that go with their appearance and personality. I'm going to keep reading it! :)
So far i haven't read you story, but i've read your little side description and it got me interested so props for that. :D
                                    on my way to read the rest of your intresting story.!
Can I be blueberry? :D
                                    Lol, I'm allergic to Mango so when i saw this i had to click it! Mango Fizz! Love the title! 
This is definitely an undiscovered gem :)
                                    I'll be waiting for moree c:
Internal Bleeding? Very Nervous Stomach? Swallowed any Chemicals Lately? What's Wrong With Her? 
                                    I Have No Idea Why I'm Capitalizing Most of my Words. :)