Day 86.

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_nutellasaur By _nutellasaur Updated 2 years ago
Lauren Cox keeps a journal of every day she spends locked up in the mental institute- or the crazy house, like she calls it- Day 86 is the day that escapes. Psychological thriller.
dreamsmadereal dreamsmadereal 2 years ago
I think I love absolutely everything about this story. The way it's formatted is awesome, and there are no mistakes either. A bit of detail could be added, though. Voted. Hope you continue. :)
inspirednewt inspirednewt 2 years ago
@nutellasaur I don't trust you cause I'm already reading Just Wright for the THIRD time. I want you to finish that s*** already!! 

But still I love you so of course I'll be reading this.
HaleyyElizabeth HaleyyElizabeth 2 years ago
@nutellasaur Lol ikr?? My own needs to be longer but know lol Really do like it!
Melissa_Gray Melissa_Gray 2 years ago
This is a great story! I love psychological thrillers! 

The diary setting is wonderful, it helps me imagine what's happening. I can't wait for more :)
Oh please continue. I really liked this. I hope you start to have longer descriptions of her day.
HaleyyElizabeth HaleyyElizabeth 2 years ago
This is wonderful. The setting seems so intense and the diary style is great! Your details are great and so is your grammar only thing I could say is make each entry longer! Love it and love your cover. Voted and added to reading list!!