Abby and Asher come from a family of witches. When they learn that Brooklyn is a witch as well, the three become fast friends. But Brooklyn wants more than the life she has now. She wants power, popularity and love...and she's willing to do anything to get it. "The Abby Diaries" is written from the perspective of Abby as she watches her brother fall in love with his first girlfriend. This is a supplement for the upcoming novel, "What the Spell" (A Life's a Witch novel).
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This really good! Wow your an amazing writer. 
 Please check out my story: time and time again by sharon Anatole
I do actually love the whole concept of the book and I am just "saying"
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I like it but I thought this was going to be long are all books on here like this I'm making a book 2 check it out
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Did anyone just have a PLL moment then if so tribute to the PLL FanGirl
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Your such a great person and writer @BrittTheBookSlayer ! Keep up the great work! :)
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No problem suggesting it to all my contacts as soon as I finish typing this 
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Oh gosh thank you, your support actually helped me soooo much I appreciate it if there's anything I could help with don't be afraid to ask