Bitten By Love...Literally (A Vampire Love Story)

Jillie and Jarren have been friends since diaper days, so it was no suprise to most of their friends when they pushed the boundaries of friendship. What will happen when Jarren drops the biggest secret of all on Jillie? What obstacles will be ahead of them? With faith in each other, irreplacable friends, and a bond that seems unbreakable, will they be able to make it through the darkness...together?
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That's weird... I can't see chapter 2 or any of the others :\

D: Now my life will never be complete!
She got a cool car.... I'm so jealous. JK
Ahh, That sounds like me and my sisters. Except we don't mean it. Most of the time xD 
Go Jillie!
this is so great! your characters are very cute and your dialogue is also fantastic!
This story is frikkin awesome. Its a book tht really caught my interest among others! Please upload soon!!!!
OMG!!!!!!!!!! I love this story  ugh y it got 2 end please upload soon cuz this story was amazingly good
This story is so cute! :) I gotta sympathize with Elise. The parents r playing favorites and that's not fair. 

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