She is still my sister..

There is a great bond between two sisters, Sarah and Lily. Lily turns to a vampire, by being cheated and attacked by her boyfriend Marc, who was an evil vampire. Sarah always tells Lily to stay away from her boyfriend. She finds him dangerous and he will end up hurting her badly one day. Lily did not believe Sarah easily, because all she knew was vampires don’t exist and Sarah is losing her mind. Shortly, Sarah found out the truth of Marc being a vampire, as well as her grandfather, who was a human Living Vampire and he passed the gift of pure healing blood to Lily, which Marc desires. One day, when Sarah comes back from work, she finds Lily not at home. She felt something is wrong and that, Marc made his move. What will she do now? How will Lily turn out as a vampire? Find out how Sarah took care of her sister after she is transformed into a vampire-angel, with the help of her boyfriend Luis whose mother was a vampire hunter!
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Great first chapter ma'm...
It flowed really well!!!
This is my first story of vampire genre and I am really liking it so reading on...:)
Not much of a vampire fan, but putting my bias aside you have a good start, its clear and the set up is easy to follow.
this is really interesting and intriguing... Definitely not something I read all the time, but ..... a possibility... *voted*
Interesting first chapter, it was very detailed and descriptive yet simply written, good job
so so nice for a first timer. great reads. hope you all the luck.

*tho I think you should make this lil bit longer.
A great start, and a nice easy sisterly relationship. Looking forward to reading more.

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