How to Survive a Horror Movie ..

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FemaleeeWiz By FemaleeeWiz Updated 2 years ago
100 Ways To Survive a Horror Movie 
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@corey_was_here yes u shouldn't look back ussaly the killer in ur face exp laila runs looks back fr 5 secs killer:hay bitch audience:bitch y r u lookin back to see he still chasing u
what if the killer has a chain saw? your still dead, the tree could fall over and a branch could stab you
"Yea sure you can use my remote too if you want its really expensive and completely very valuable and will make me vunerable"
Always listen to the insane mentally ill old man, because truthfully they are always right. I'll try to remember that.
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Dude, the last tip was to run and obviously he/she would. Whatcha mean he/she be like standing there infront of the killer sayin "Sup bruh, dont kill me, k?"
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I don't care if the killer has a chainsaw and has killed 72936 ppl you kill my dog and I will cut your heart out shove it down your throat move then rip out your internal organs