How to Survive a Horror Movie ..

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FemaleeeWiz By FemaleeeWiz Updated a year ago
100 Ways To Survive a Horror Movie 
1D_is_me__ 1D_is_me__ 11 days ago
Lmaooo so sorry I'll save the kids first though because I'll regret it if I do make it out alive but it's a joke I get it haha
SociopathSweetie SociopathSweetie a month ago
*Goes into the kitchen with shaky hands and a flashlight* H-Hello...?
"Yeah hey want a sandwhich, man?"
Coffee_Is_Universal Coffee_Is_Universal 2 months ago
Right, like I'd ever actually have a boyfriend, let alone a hot boyfriend 
HTTYDfangirl13 HTTYDfangirl13 3 months ago
I hate it when that happens in the movies, I'm just like "GODS WHY ARENT YOU DEAD?!?!?"