How to Survive a Horror Movie ..

100 Ways To Survive a Horror Movie ;)
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I would never leave my kids and I don't even have any. I have younger nephews and nieces and I would prefer the killer to get me
Well duh lots of people are like "I'm not scared come and try to kill me you fatty!"
No! Killer: what up bro me: 'stab shoot run over with lawn mower nuke throw down a well slit throat play nyan cat forever push off a cliff hang' that's not all
Duh, it wouldn't be called a horror movie if everyone had common sense!!!!!!! LOL
all of these are very true u should tell people in horror movies to do this but they never listen
lol, dance cook! XD
*killer* "check the children"
*dane* "I killed them"

that will be me!

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