How to Survive a Horror Movie ..

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FemaleeeWiz By FemaleeeWiz Updated a year ago
100 Ways To Survive a Horror Movie 
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I don't care if the killer has a chainsaw and has killed 72936 ppl you kill my dog and I will cut your heart out shove it down your throat move then rip out your internal organs
If u  toke this from zombieland... YOU WRONGG, lol its my fav movie, The ending ;)
Best idea ever. Then I might actually have the time to fit my body into the fridge.
Thank you so much for writing this. If I ever make a horro movie, I'll make one person smart, and the rest idiots. and when there are only 2 pp left the smart one will say. " Didn't I tell you? "
Lmaooo so sorry I'll save the kids first though because I'll regret it if I do make it out alive but it's a joke I get it haha
This comment may be offensive.
If there's literally a sign that said GTFO, get that sign I would love to have that sign.