How to Survive a Horror Movie ..

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FemaleeeWiz By FemaleeeWiz Updated 2 years ago
100 Ways To Survive a Horror Movie 
wait I'm the innocent virgin in my friend group so am I evil or am I safe
Thank you. I desperately needed that.. 'Specially since I'm writing a story on a poltergeist... And that's hilarious
have you watched the thing on youtube called dont turn off the lights? no? well u should.
lol i would be the weirdest person in a movie . i would be the one who tries to run but trips, then almost gets caught but yells something random in the bad guys face
me:-trips- crap.
bad guy: -almost gets me-
me: PENUT BUTTER! -kicks him or her in their adult hood
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@corey_was_here yes u shouldn't look back ussaly the killer in ur face exp laila runs looks back fr 5 secs killer:hay bitch audience:bitch y r u lookin back to see he still chasing u
what if the killer has a chain saw? your still dead, the tree could fall over and a branch could stab you