Are you The Girl?
although I liked it, I have to say that it could have been way better if a) it didn't ALWAYS start with the same frase in every stansa; b) it rhymed
then again, I think it is a very beautiful and an emotional poem :)
@Jazmine_Bishh really? you're a loner? omg, I hate bullies and I would love to be friends with all the girls that are bullied and alone in this world. how can anyone b nasty?! God!
I can relate, but I don't think it was exceptional- I just think it's a cool poem done right with feelings properly expressed
it's a sad poem but i love the way you wrote it. hauntingly beautiful x
sad but there is beauty in the tragedy. many people have felt that way and you did a good job in capturing it
I like your work, but you're right it does make me feel sad...