Are you The Girl?
allhailtheslash allhailtheslash 20 days ago
I can relate, but I don't think it was exceptional- I just think it's a cool poem done right with feelings properly expressed
the1995 the1995 23 days ago
it's a sad poem but i love the way you wrote it. hauntingly beautiful x
Beautiful_Endings Beautiful_Endings a month ago
sad but there is beauty in the tragedy. many people have felt that way and you did a good job in capturing it
hollishon hollishon 3 months ago
I like your work, but you're right it does make me feel sad...
sandydragon1 sandydragon1 3 months ago
This was extremely sad, but it flowed really well. This was very relatable and an emotional read.
softball30 softball30 3 months ago
Although very sad, I really like this because I can relate to this a lot. Great job though! Really well written!:)