Please don't dance with me

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_KittyMew By _KittyMew Updated 2 years ago
There's Jared...  The jock who hates emos and all they stand for. All of friends take his side with this. They make the emos lives a living hell.

Then there's Dylan... The bitchy emo girl who will do anything to keep Jared and his friends away from her. She's a victim of Jared's bullying and hates the very ground he walks on. 

The school prom is coming up and the whole school is required to learn how to dance. When the two of them are put together as dance partners all hell breaks loose. 

The teachers set up a dance competition and dared by his friends, Jared enters without hesitation. Will they win? And will their practice sessions bring them closer to anyone before? Or will it just ruin their lives and make the hatred grow even stronger between the two?
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