The Husband Games (One Direction Fanfiction)

Roll out the carpet, hoist the Directoner flag...It is time for the 74th Husband Games! 60 girls must go into an arena to compete to marry one of the five members from the popular band One Direction! This contest will separate Directioners from Directionators! It will also separate fangirls from crazy fangirls! And complications begin as one boy is chosen as a competitor to become friends with OneD. Follow Shauna (main character) as she sets out to marry a member. Happy Husband Games And May The Carrots Be Ever In Your Flavor! (featuring 60 real girls!! who submitted to be part of the games on tumblr! :D)
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@Thaigirlmaybree :') we should be sisters I was totally just going to write that ...
Quoting Luke Brooks "YOU F√úCKING CARROT!! YOU FAKE FAN!! ITS 2013 BABE!!" It's actually 2014 but that comment was made by him in 2013
Am I the only one who went back and counted all the letters in one direction to make sure there were 12?
Instead of every letter for One Direction it should've been like Fangirling or like Fanbases. Something that's more about being a fan then about One Direction
@typical_harry At first I was thinking of Shauna from Divergent, but now you got me thinking of Shauna from Pretty Little Liars.
N2! That is the second 'n' in One Direction, and it is also the twelfth letter. It's like District 12!

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