The Husband Games (One Direction Fanfiction)

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Roll out the carpet, hoist the Directoner flag...It is time for the 74th Husband Games!  60 girls must go into an arena to compete to marry one of the five members from the popular band One Direction!  This contest will separate Directioners from Directionators!  It will also separate fangirls from crazy fangirls! And complications begin as one boy is chosen as a competitor to become friends with OneD.  Follow Shauna (main character) as she sets out to marry a member. Happy Husband Games And May The Carrots Be Ever In Your Flavor! (featuring 60 real girls!! who submitted to be part of the games on tumblr! :D)
OMG! I've already heard ideas of this but nobody that I know of has ever created a book. Can't wait to hear it
Even tho I don't know you all, I'm happy that I have a lot other directioners who get my love for one direction. Hehe
Prissy x'D I saw some other HG fanfic once where it was like the horny games or whatever and the sister was called prissy
Shauna? TF? I was expecting something that sounded a little more like Katniss...
When I read the books (twice lol) I shipped Katniss with Peeta more, but now that I've watched all the movies, I don't know, I kinda ship her with Gale more?
Is he still played by Liam Hemsworth? Because *fans face with hand* daaamn