The wingates vs The Greysons

Two very different neighbor families hate each other. The girl from the wingates wants to stop the rivalry between both families, he asks her brother for help but he ends up making things worse Later on the kids from the wingates family are exposed to radiation and get superpowers, their problems turned bigger than ever ...... Main Characters The wingates kids Axl: Older brother, teases his little sister all the time. Rebellious personality Howley: Youngest brother, reads a lot very smart personality. Deals with lack of social skills due to his high coefficient Allyson Middle kid,Insecure, moody, very pessimistic and doesn't get along with any of her brothers, specially Axel.Quiet and shy girl on the outside. Her inner persona is very outgoing, fair, humorous, and ambitious.
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Alice sounds like a bitch, I'll totally hate her too, because I will be too jelly lol
Im exactly the same as Allyson's friend Katy.
i love Katy Perry. Biggest katycat here lol
Part of me is a great song. Katy Perry is amazing if it wasnt for her 1D may have never ever happen, thats why she is on replay :p
@Yourwriter323 that you are never gonna ever... 

Lol Katy (Allyson's friend) at the music store, "I just had to see her face" :P
I can relate myself to your friend Katy. Im also  a bit of a crazy fan to a few celebs lol
Anyway your story is awesome.keep it up!

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