Not Just Another Teen Romance…Well, Maybe

Due to certain events in her past, Jude Archer’s reckless and foolish behaviour over the past year has brought her to one place: A summer camp for delinquents. Although the camp is specially designed to help Jude and young adults like herself, to Jude, it seems like the camp is doing more harm then good. Jude struggles to face and get over her haunting past, and her new friends seem to be helping…or is it a certain, unexpected someone in particular? Through friendship, love, and useless camp activities, Jude learns to deal with her problems; but as camp comes to an end, does a new problem arise? And can Jude learn to forgive and forget twice? Copyright © All Rights Reserved.
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wow this guy is really annoying i would have flipped him off said screw you and left.....................
Wow, Lucky4, you comment back fast. :D is the picture on you wattpad really you?
Thank you, Lucky4. How did you think up this story? Like one day did it just hit you or did you dream it or what?
this is a really good story you should upload soon i am curious:) your writing is great!
I would beat the crap outta "tiffany" then i would go up to that boy that lives across her n punch him!  n the balls n the face.  lol
somehow ,whenever something like that happens i always think the one who freed her is a bad guy

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