Kik Me (One Direction Fanfic) (Completed w/ Sequel)

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TechGirl2015 By TechGirl2015 Completed
Whitney Foster is a regular girl. Goes to school, deals with parents and chores, obsessed with Twitter and a very dedicated fan of One Direction. Whitney tweets to her best friend, Sydney her Kik Messenger name and little does she know that her dream is about to come true. When followed by all 5 lads of One Direction, her followers skyrocket and one mysterious lad, who's username is EJ Williams, Kik's her, who will it be? Harry? Niall? Zayn? Louis? Liam? This is not your typical social network story.   © 2012 TechGirl2015  Amanda Warren All Rights Reserved  Started August 9, 2012  Ended December 7, 2012
kayla-sunshine kayla-sunshine 13 days ago
how does one not know which phone they in it is quite obvious if there is an apple on the back and is expensive.who the frig buys something expensive and don't even know the brand
bkuchersky bkuchersky 2 months ago
Oh gawd not with the middle names xd its ridiculous i LOVE IT
horligier horligier 3 months ago
i think that it's kind of obvious that it's louis that she texting with. x
lilybynight lilybynight 3 months ago
pinkangela17 pinkangela17 4 months ago
I see what you did. Just missing Zayn but I guess it would be hard to add him and it not look suspicious
iFancyTheCurlyOne iFancyTheCurlyOne 6 months ago
Lol oh my gosh this is so accurate to me, holy crap ! we should be friends what do ya say, pal ?