Deva's Decision

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Lavinia By romolavinia91 Updated 3 years ago
This is the place where you can tell me which brother Deva should end up with. And I'm curious how many people are on who's side so I've made separate pages for everyone to vote on which brother you want her to be with. Or perhaps neither of them. LOL
Ummmm in the version I'm reading there is Darius,Marcus,Lucian and the werewolf I'm all for the werewolf they were drawn to each other and her blood some how changed him back to human form
Guys where can I find the second book in the series? I've been looking everywhere but cannot locate it. Message me if you can help, please!!!
omg marius and deva should have ended up together because marius loved her more.
I know I am late but Marius. He loved her enough to let her go....
                                    Also...I am new at writing and I have one chapter of my book Same Girl, New School. And I need help. Votes...comments...ideas! Please read and help me...
It was them in the beginning and he just wanted her to live her life first. Darius has just been hurting her. Adam just wanted her back. There is a saying that if u fall in love with 2 people chose the second one because if u loved the first one enough u wouldn't have fallen for the second.
though designated for each other deva broke the fate and chose darius..... that is only because of "true  love"... simply Adam is fate but darius is love.. so team up for darius