Deva's Decision

This is the place where you can tell me which brother Deva should end up with. And I'm curious how many people are on who's side so I've made separate pages for everyone to vote on which brother you want her to be with. Or perhaps neither of them. LOL
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Guys where can I find the second book in the series? I've been looking everywhere but cannot locate it. Message me if you can help, please!!!
omg marius and deva should have ended up together because marius loved her more.
Adam and Deva please. I feel bad reading this book with Darius and Deva together ;((
Adam is like Jacob here who is coming in between Darius and devas love just like Jacob is in Edward and Bella's
I think Marius because they were destined to be together and because, deep down, her heart still beats for him. 
Darius. Because i personally hate adam for breaking darius and deva up. Darius is much more man than deva. Hahahahah

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