The Kaleid

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DuhILoveYou By DuhILoveYou Updated 2 months ago
Khristoph Marie is a Kaleid and one of the last of her kind. When her best friend and near kin is captured by the Raksha King’s forces, she uses her ability as a realm traveler to serve the prince under the guise of being a male. When boundaries are broken, promises are bound, and love invades duties, Khris finds her world spinning out of control; much like the colors she wields.

The Second Book Begins Here:
monsterjitt monsterjitt 4 months ago
I think she meant lose* "... I let my ability lose our surroundings.." Makes more fluid sense
DanielMetrejean DanielMetrejean 5 months ago
The description and skillful style of writing has me captivated already!! XD
BigBangTOPTOPTOP BigBangTOPTOPTOP 6 months ago
I'd like to say I'm shocked but the prologue and turquoise eyes would like to suggest otherwise.
BigBangTOPTOPTOP BigBangTOPTOPTOP 6 months ago
I'm so excited to read I just want to go through the whole book in one swipe.
ChadMawn ChadMawn 6 months ago
I like it so far. The main character is spunky and the prince is charismatic and appealing. You've crafted a nice world here. I'm looking forward to exploring it more.
PolaroidPhotos PolaroidPhotos 8 months ago
love it ;)