Khristoph Marie is a Kaleid and one of the last of her kind. When her best friend and near kin is captured by the Raksha King’s forces, she uses her ability as a realm traveler to serve the prince under the guise of being a male. When boundaries are broken, promises are bound, and love invades duties, Khris finds her world spinning out of control; much like the colors she wields.
    The Second Book Begins Here:
Ur welcome DuhILoveYou. Wow that just sounds weird doesn't it
I think she meant lose* "... I let my ability lose our surroundings.." Makes more fluid sense
The description and skillful style of writing has me captivated already!! XD
I'd like to say I'm shocked but the prologue and turquoise eyes would like to suggest otherwise.
I'm so excited to read I just want to go through the whole book in one swipe.
I like it so far. The main character is spunky and the prince is charismatic and appealing. You've crafted a nice world here. I'm looking forward to exploring it more.