Tick Tock (Watty Awards 2012)

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__Arrogantly_ By __Arrogantly_ Updated 8 months ago
Its a Saturday night Michelle Harrington should be enjoying her best friend's hen evening, Instead she is wondering why Neku (the handsome stranger hovering behind her) is questioning people about some rather creepy phrases.  Phrases from an email she received earlier which contains a countdown timer sent by someone who is out or revenge.
Trust no one.
Suspect everyone. 
Because when the timer gets to zero you die
IssySteventon IssySteventon a year ago
Neku did you get permission from Michelle b4 u used her in your story and btw other people (i went to neku's skool not gonna say wot skool for all the paedophiles out there) 

How's bexley grammar/ did u go there btw?
alukutown alukutown 2 years ago
The trailer  is wonderful and can make a good film. It is brillantly done and will recommend this book to any film director
bookcrazyhols1 bookcrazyhols1 2 years ago
Aww neku l u softy I just realised that u spend ur time watching Taylor swift songs!!! xD ahahahahahahahahahahaha and that dude down there...yeah u big guy down there...yeas u under my comment...u wrote holly crap!! Haha lol I'm such a looser >o<
thehowlingbeauty thehowlingbeauty 2 years ago
HOLLY CRAP! i just watched ur clip and im already in love with ur story!
WhizzKidS WhizzKidS 2 years ago
Tell me please!!!!! I bet if you put this on YouTube, ppl will think that this is an actual movie
alex2610 alex2610 2 years ago
Wow okey 7/10 sexuality 1st book coming out soon called 2112. 

Carry on writing neku