Tick Tock (Watty Awards 2012)

Its a Saturday night Michelle Harrington should be enjoying her best friend's hen evening, Instead she is wondering why Neku (the handsome stranger hovering behind her) is questioning people about some rather creepy phrases. Phrases from an email she received earlier which contains a countdown timer sent by someone who is out or revenge. Trust no one. Suspect everyone. Because when the timer gets to zero you die
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The trailer  is wonderful and can make a good film. It is brillantly done and will recommend this book to any film director
Tell me please!!!!! I bet if you put this on YouTube, ppl will think that this is an actual movie
a detailed opening with great dialogue. kept the reader interested from the start. keep writing!
Wow okey 7/10 sexuality 1st book coming out soon called 2112. 

Carry on writing neku
this is a good story i was a little bit confused at first. but it had me interested as to keep reading.
Very great story, it's intriguing and very wonderful and amazing :) Good luck, happy writing.

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