The sole survivors of two great civilisations and a merciless alien foe..... The Daleks have destroyed Krypton and in doing so given the earth it's greatest hero. It's a year after the "Stolen Earth " saga and the most evil race in the Galaxy want the Man of Steel dead......can The Doctor stop them ?
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Wow, this is a girl geeks dream come true ... is Spiderman going to show? I love Spiderman.  Imagine if they all did come together ... sighs ....
Confused over which Doctor it was until Rose and his twin was mentioned.  Yes, he hates the Daleks doesn't he.
Oooooh really creepy ... Davros calling the Dalek his child ... shudders at who the mother could be ... lol! seriously good.
Love it! I have never seen anything as original as this before! This is awesome!
loving this, The Doctor with Superman and Batman is just awesome. the cliffhanger was great, bring on the next chapter!
Aww love this, love the interaction between The Doctor , Superman & Batman , brilliant! What a cliff-hanger to leave us with . Nooooo!

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