My Second Chance

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mackrocks1 By mackrocks1 Updated 11 months ago
Her whole life, Georgia has been in the shadows, keeping to herself. But when a couple guys move in right above her apartment could her life be changed for the better. This is her story about how she got a second chance at life.   But at the same time her second chance means bumpy roads and I mean very bumpy. But her and her new friends Cory and Lucas will eventually learn how to live their lives to the fullest in this epic journey of hopefully hilarious mishaps.  Want to join her?
Rialise Rialise 2 years ago
Lucas and Cory's mom is crazy. All the parents seem crazy here. Georgia is BA lol (:
Rialise Rialise 2 years ago
I love this so far. Georgia has a different personality and I like it. Her dad is a butt though.
lillyfinn lillyfinn 2 years ago
All I can say is wow, so good. Update sooon!I would love to hear your opinion on my story called, "Changing Times."