Friends With Benefits - (Harry Styles FanFic)

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_wankzarry By _wankzarry Updated 2 years ago
"Try not to fall in love with me."The curly haired, green eyed, Cheshire boy smirked as he ended the space between us. He crashed his cold, hard lips onto mine. He wrapped his strong arms around my waist & I felt tingles travel through my whole body. I wasn't suppose to feel like this, it was wrong. He was my brother's best mate and it was all a game, who ever falls in love first, loses. Maybe that was just it, I fell in love with him, and made a promise I couldn't keep.
WatchinPaintDri WatchinPaintDri 2 years ago
It seems like an interesting story, but major editing needs to be done.
CalmWithCurls CalmWithCurls 2 years ago
I love it! Mind if you read mine too? Tell me some advices too please? Thanks. x
Shandan45 Shandan45 2 years ago
this is great. you are a gifted righter. I don't say that to anyone you know ;)