The Teacher (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

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Mackenzie Miller was a regular teenager girl, this is until she met her hot new teacher, Mr.Styles. They immediately begin to have a relationship that is less than appropriate for a teacher and student. Will their feelings for each other be strong enough to overcome everything that comes between them?

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recordschanger recordschanger 3 days ago
like my mom always says "you're going to school, not a fashion show"
Janolieber_5SOS Janolieber_5SOS 3 days ago
That's me and my best friend to.. We call each other names and we both have the same initials
JackieReyna45 JackieReyna45 5 days ago
When I was reading this I thought it was Harry and read blonde hair and said is this Niall? and then u noticed it was a girl
_saxicolous _saxicolous 7 days ago
it's totally normal if Harry Styles or Ezra fitz is your teacher tbh
1D5SOSer22 1D5SOSer22 7 days ago
My teacher got arrested for having sex with a girl after school in his classroom, and he went to her house during winter vacation.
Okay that just means something's bound to happen in this fic where they get parted