Mirror Mirror On My Wall

A poem dedicated to all the girls out there who feel that they're not good enough, the insecure girls who have something to fear, those who just want to be recognised for who they are and those who don't recognise their own potential. Your'e all beautiful just the way you are, don't let anyone tell you any different ♥ All credit for the first five stanzas and the continuation of the poem belongs to Charlotte Edwards (@todayweareyoung15) It's all her own work and brilliantly written too ♥
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This is really nice--the progression is great, and the rhymes are clever. Well done :)
This encourage me :). BTW, Where did get the 5 stanzas? I seen it before and now BUT now I've been trying to find. Could you give me a link?
This poem is very relatable. It made me choke up because I was just thinking it a few minutes ago. Thank you!
Your welcome! It just kinda says how I feel. Am i ugly? Or just not pretty enough for you? Is what i ask my self.
@HoneyBR Thanks so much, I really didn't think it was that good a comment when I wrote it! x3 I'm glad I could help you out though~
You are so talented, I don't normally like poetry but this is amazing! Your words are so simple but so powerful <3 this so much! x

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