Mirror Mirror On My Wall

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Hanna By Hanna Updated 3 years ago
A poem dedicated to all the girls out there who feel that they're not good enough, the insecure girls who have something to fear, those who just want to be recognised for who they are and those who don't recognise their own potential. Your'e all beautiful just the way you are, don't let anyone tell you any different ♥
All credit for the first five stanzas and the continuation of the poem belongs to Charlotte Edwards (@todayweareyoung15) It's all her own work and brilliantly written too ♥
So truthful I started to cry. And that was only halfway through the fifth line. I didn't even finish it. I'll have to do that later, when I'm not at school or in public.
This is beautiful and tragic and true. Your poetry is absolutely incredible. I think that all girls should read this.
This poem is AMAZING! So raw and true, this poem is poetic justice! :)
This is really nice--the progression is great, and the rhymes are clever. Well done :)
For far to long it hat watched her cry. So the mirror started to reply: 
"What you think you see? It isn't true. This misery is found inside of you. Don't lock yourself in a broken sole or I promise you one day, you'll lose all control."
You are a great writer and I love this poem!!! This describes me