Everyday I ask

a poem about love and how a boy cherishes a girl who makes him feel whole.
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OMG freakin awesome!! I love the realistic aspects of it! Funnily enough it matches my life too
WOW u should write more <3 that was beautiful, hahah thing u can do when ur bored
Every girl's dream...*SIGH* Now if only our dreams always turned out so perfectly!   ♥
Aw dude this should be a movie! No matter how dam cliché it would be.....I would love it! Sooo cute aw why can all guys have the same mentality? :3
I loved this poem this reminds me about my love for this guy and this I ask him all the time god bless you I loved it <3
Very unique and interesting poem; lots of interesting narrative that could follow (: good job

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