Justin Bieber's Dirty Affair

I bet you'd never believe me if i told you anything your about to read. Call me anything you want, but what would you do? What would you do if Justin Bieber came onto you. Told you everything you would want to hear from a guy, a celebrity. I can keep a secret, and so can Justin but what happens when the secret gets out. When it hits the news, or get's printed in the papers. What would people think? What would you think? What happen's when Selena finds out? But for now, all i can tell you is I'm Justin Bieber's Dirty secret Affair. EVERYONE READ: I POST CHAPTERS NOW WHEN EACH CHAPTER HAS OVER 20 READS OR IF I GET 5 VOTES OR 5 COMMENTS ON THE LAST CHAPTER I WROTE! Hi guys i'm Iman Please write comments so i know how i can make my story fit your standard Do vote and comment and please share this with your friends. This is an on-going book
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Imi you're amazing! .. This is so good . Keep updating.!! ( I dont even read but this shieet is exciting! ) x

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