Two Faced Love: A Batman Fan Fiction

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_xXwestcoastXx By _xXwestcoastXx Updated a year ago
Hazel has been working at Akham Asylum for a month. When she overheard the news of the new prison the new mayor,Quincy Sharp, and Hugo Strange, she was held prisoner for two months, due to the fact that she knew too much of their evil plan. After Arkham City was built, she was put in there by Hugo Strange himself, without a shred of mercy shown to her. After only a day in the new super prison, she was captured by Two Face's goons, being placed in front of his jury. The super criminal couldn't flip his coin to decide if she'd live to tell her tale or die in a vat of toxic waste. Instead she was held as his prisoner, him vowing to protect her no matter what. Hazel was terrified at first, but then saw a side that no one has ever seen: his soft sensitive side, and his protective personality. Will he come to his senses and kill her like many other poor unfortunate souls, or will he spare his newfound crush and give her the chance of being his new love?
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