Ten years ago the world changed, Mythical Beings announced themselves to the world and it, in turn, came undone. Chaos was everywhere and Seattle, Washington was no different. The climax of these disputes morphed itself into something was later called the 50/50 Riot; many were killed on both sides and from the ashes of those tragedies lived a girl who lost it all- including her name. The only thing the government seemed sure of when they found her was that she too was a mythical being. Christened Rebecca Monarch by the Nuns at St. Vincent's Orphanage she waits with all the other children in hopes of one day finding a family. The truth can never stay hidden for too long. What will happen when Rebecca finds out more about Mythical Beings and ultimately more about herself and her past? Friends and family will be made but will the ties that bind them be strong enough for what's in store? Description By: Fire-Starter
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Nice lead into the book. Draws reader in but leaves enough to still leave reader wanting more
I have to say that as a mom to 5 adopted children Mr Forrester is officially my favorite character ever!!
is gonna be another book to this one I really felt like it was unfinished but I loved it either way
Maybe you can read the first chapter of my book (Dragon held) and tell me if it's good or not
@TamiPruett nope it's the first book it explains everything throughout the story just keep reading it's fabulous.
Is there a story before this one? It seems to drop me right in the middle of their life.

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