Even Good Girls Have Secrets (T/S) - Edited version

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Lia and Jade By jadeandlia Updated a month ago
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    Even good girls have secrets and Gracie Johnston isn't an exception. With her 80's style glasses and worn out jumpers, it's no wonder that the only thing she's known as is 'the nerd'. She's quiet, intelligent, secretive. But what if she's more than that? What if she's not as innocent as she seems?
    Follow Gracie as she battles against love, loss and heartbreak, all over one man; one secret; one love.
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My teacher caught me putting the finger up at my friend in the middle of class while I was ditching, it didn't work out well
Wow sooo edgy and cool gosh I wish I could be her like literally.... 
I would have been disowned and living in the beautiful alleys.
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She doesn't give flying flamingos. Boo, I really wanted one.
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