When a player meets a player...

Victoria (Tori) Williams is a rebel and a Player. She has been kicked out of numerous schools. Finally, her parents have had enough so they have sent her to her mother's boarding school to 'straighten' her out. Unknown to Tori, this also happens to be the school that her male equivalent, Edward (Eddie) Lawson attends. Eddie could be described in one word, badass. He plays girls like toys, is rude, and obnoxious. What happens when Tori and Eddie cross paths and suddenly nothing makes sense to either of them? What happens when the girl who is afraid to love since the death of her brother and the boy who doesn't believe in love begin to see the real them? "Right you see that group there?" said Kaylee, nodding over to a big tree as we sat down at a table with a cup of coffee each. "About three of them lads are decent, the others are complete players," she explained. I choked on my coffee when she said player, I think she got the hint that I was known as a player in all my old schools. Ever since my brother I've had to be, I'm not letting myself fall in love ever. I looked over to the lads, the three which Kaylee was on about were up and kicking a football around. There were also five other boys in the group, but they were much louder than the three original lads. I had accidentally zoned off from what Kaylee was saying, but i came back just as she started to talk about one of the five lads. "And the last one is Edward Lawson, Eddie for short. He's the schools most known player and Libbie Lester is the most known slag. They go well together because they are adored by populars, and hated by normals. So watch out for Edward," she finished. I looked over at Edward, he's quite tall. He wore no shirt, and I hate to admit it but he has nice abs. His hair was spiked up, but not the spikes you had when you were nine, it was swept at the front. He's obviously going for the Justin Bieber look.
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okey. this is creepy. we are exactly the same. except our eyes, but it's like I read my fictional twin sister's story
I go to a private school... It not a boarding school but its like $50 a day and i barely even learn anything
At least she's not a walking cliche. Every bad girl does not listen to heavy metal and have jet black walls
OHMYGOODNESS OHMYGOODNESS TOO MICH PINK!!!! I'm going to die of pink-itis XD but I love the book so far!!so on that note I'm going to continue reading...•~•
Was I the only one expecting jet black walls covered in images of sculls and heavy metal posters?
That would be me if my parents didn't kick me in the butt and also I'm really shy around new people

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