When a player meets a player

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Lia and Jade By jadeandlia Updated 11 days ago
Victoria (Tori) Williams is a rebel and a Player. She has been kicked out of numerous schools and finally, her parents have had enough so they have sent her to her Mothers boarding school to 'straighten' her out. Unknown to Tori, this also happens to be the school that her male equivalent, Edward (Eddie) Lawson attends. Eddie is in one word; badass. He plays girls like toys and is rude and obnoxious. What happens when Tori and Eddie cross paths and suddenly, nothing makes sense to either of them? What happens when the girl who is afraid to love since the death of her brother and the boy who doesn't believe in love, begin to see the real them?
Lol she is tough and ruthless. But is worried what her parents will say.....SOOOO MWA!!!;)
I am gonna be gutsie like her. I'm already half way there!!;) ps. Totally loved that biscuits thing!!
My teacher caught me putting the finger up at my friend in the middle of class while I was ditching, it didn't work out well
Wow sooo edgy and cool gosh I wish I could be her like literally.... 
I would have been disowned and living in the beautiful alleys.
*sprays her with demonic semen* 
                                    DIE YOU NON-BELIEVER! DIE! 
                                    *sprays more of the black stuff*
                                    BURN! BURN! BURN!