There's Just Something About Leo.

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TheSilhouette By TheSilhouette Updated a month ago
Nina and Leo are two individuals with their fate intertwined. 
Her father used to tell her tales of shape-shifter creatures of two kinds: Dark Dragons and ShadowCats. Leo knows of these tales too, but also knows that they are more than just myths.
He knows that both species are as old as time, and between them was created a civil war; the survival tournaments. This tragic ‘game’ like event causes assassinations like no other seen in the history of torture, every 500 years. Yet how did the world manage to ‘forget’ about these creatures?
Due to Nina’s bloodline she’s targeted by Stephan; a powerful Dark Dragon, the reason for her father’s death and possibly the deaths of millions of ShadowCats whom her grandfather’s agency is responsible for protecting. Her grandfather; bound by a merciless oath, strikes an alliance with an agency which has been quietly corrupted by Dark Dragons. Betrayed by his own agent, her grandfather is forced to make a decision that may cost Nina dearly, or, the entire ShadowCAT population. 
Whilst on holiday Nina is warned by her deceased father to be careful, but when Nina meets Leo, and both become (maybe even romantically) acquainted, their secrets spill and questions arise… 

But above all silent chaos, Nina realises that there’s more to Leo than meets her eye. What they don’t realise is that they’d soon need each other to stay alive.
thedreamer24 thedreamer24 4 months ago
wait.....what..? And why do I get the feeling i'm not supposed to like him?
MDAlayna MDAlayna 5 months ago
Your style is very professional. I love the beginning and the descriptions of yourself and how you missed the train. It is quite easy to follow your writing.
falloutfromhell falloutfromhell 6 months ago
The concept is really, really unique. You made use of proper vocab! The title and cover is really attractive..and I love the English. Good work! :D
Arelyrod Arelyrod 6 months ago
@TheSilhouette I'm being honest and no problem, I just love making people's days without even realizing it.
Arelyrod Arelyrod 6 months ago
This is great! I feel like I already understand Nina and Leo and their emotions and body language. Thanks for asking me to read this! I'm already greatly enjoying it! You should be proud of yourself, this is a masterpiece
kat_28_ kat_28_ 6 months ago
That was awesome!! Your a really talented writer I can't wait to read more!:)