My Dark Knight

In the era where swords rule, where women consider their modesty their greatest virtue. Where a man would kill to find his wife warming another mans bed, a time when women would consider it the greatest of adultery or fornication to warm a bed other than her husbands. A time when an honorable man guards his gaze, for his gaze is solely for his wife alone, as well as his heart. He's feared, ruthless, cold, heartless, manipulative, cunning, a rake. Or so they assume... She's beautiful yet silent, not by a defect, she simply dislikes to mingle with gossip.Yet she has emotional scars that no one sees behind her smile, but a few. Cover by SKandal.
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This is way too terrible even for a historical fiction type of story. T.T  Poor Sapphire...
New day ?? can u put a symbol or spaces to show that it's not the same time or day or whatever. it's very confusing. there's no smooth transition just cant kill kids kaaay? it makes me very Run B*tch Run
I wouldn't have been like that as a ten year old coz for starters I had no servants or maids so if anyone was to be thanked it was me to myself
I was not this philosophical as a ten year old. I mean damn! The girl needs to talk to so many people I know
Two of the worst factors In this paragraph are that he's still alive after having his arms and legs chopped off and that their daughter saw everything

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