Things You Should Try to Avoid Doing as an Author

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FormerlyMrMonopoly By FormerlyMrMonopoly Updated 2 years ago
There have been a lot of rants around Wattpad lately. I decided I didn't want to rant, I wanted to give authors advice. Advice on what they should avoid when it comes to writing, connecting with fans and haters, and just about everything else. I'm hoping that this advice is good enough so that you stop feeling like these rants apply to you. Well that's what I'm hoping. If you're looking for advice with writing and other stuff, well, you've found it!
Thank you. And you're so polite and reasonable throughout the whole thing too, it makes me happy. This is some pretty good advice, although I'm not sure if I've ever done any of these things...o.o
@MrMonopoly In my book "The Mist of Niagara" a kid says "LOL" just to be annoying. Does that count?
@MrMonopoly No, you're grang. I'll let you know if I need anything else though. Thanks so much for your help.
@MrMonopoly No, you're right, your version reads better. I'm going to change it now in a minute
@MrMonopoly Hey! I rewrote the description and I'm not sur if I made it too confusing. Let me know what you think!
@MrMonopoly that sounds really good and ill let you know when I have edited it so you can tell me what you think, but for now it's 1am so I'm going to try and sleep. I just didn't want to go to sleep without saying thank you for the feedback. So thanks, it's much apreciated.