The Crazy Mofo Bible <3 (One Direction)

Dedicated to Harry Styles Liam Payne Niall Horan Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik for making my life worse than it already was Cheers lads!<3 This is my book filled with crazy quotes,inside jokes,My rants,Style steals,Imagines,and lots of other stuff in the crazy world of a directioner Pop in and have a read -Sparks xx
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The last Zayn one...

I'm crying because that is basically what all Directioners are doing and none of them understand :'(
I actually had tears in my eyes and that's just the first chapter!! #carrotmemories <3
Omg when I read Harry's "you can't define love" I was listening to the lyrics in better than words "I can't explain your love" wtf:o
awesome book could you read mine their called you can't save me now and i'm one of you?
Wow this book is such a good idea and I'm so excited to read it haha love the title to lol
It's funny cuz the book title isn't can't keep calm AND be a me, I have tried (;

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