The Crazy Mofo Bible <3 (One Direction)

Dedicated to Harry Styles Liam Payne Niall Horan Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik for making my life worse than it already was Cheers lads!<3 This is my book filled with crazy quotes,inside jokes,My rants,Style steals,Imagines,and lots of other stuff in the crazy world of a directioner Pop in and have a read -Sparks xx
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these boys must love playing with our emotions cuz im sitting here laughing at some parts and sobbing at some parts as well...thanks boys
Oh Harold...

Niall, so sweet. It gave me tears. @Princessdorkyx I'm going to press that follow button right now. :)
The last Zayn one...

I'm crying because that is basically what all Directioners are doing and none of them understand :'(
I actually had tears in my eyes and that's just the first chapter!! #carrotmemories <3
Omg when I read Harry's "you can't define love" I was listening to the lyrics in better than words "I can't explain your love" wtf:o
awesome book could you read mine their called you can't save me now and i'm one of you?

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