Let's do.

Let's be young together.
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I read this like a song, do you mind if i do a cover for it? And maybe if its good enough, i could put it on Youtube and then give you credit?
Your poem is so good I wish I could write like u to bad I can't :( anyway thanks for writing its great!
I can honestly say that not only am I star-struck by your work, but I'm also a bit jealous.
That was beutiful but the part about falling in love?the picture was of two boys so is this a gay poem or what? (Not being mean though)
this is amazing. it does sound something like Panic! At the Disco's Nine in the Afternoon but it's also your own original poem and I loooove it!
Sooo amazing!!! Almost makes me think of something Panic! at the Disco would sing...

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