The Curse of Europa (Published on Amazon)

You are invited to accompany a crew of eight astronauts on their mission to the Jupiter ice-moon named Europa. Their mission is relatively straight forward, look for evidence of life in a vast ocean, which is trapped beneath a thick blanket of ice. There is one problem though... "The Curse!" Over the past 36 years, man has been trying to explore Europa. Every mission to date has ended in failure. Now in 2056, with a faster space craft, the Global Space Organization is trying one more mission. This fully manned mission will attempt to put humans on the surface to search for liquid water, and possibly life. Will this mission finally be the one to succeed, or will it end in failure as well... or worse? Follow Lt. Commander Patrick Turkovitch, Dr. Juliana Evans, and six other astronauts as they try to make history by being the first humans to set foot on the Jovian moon. Will they find life deep in the oceans of Europa, will they find romance, or will they find that the curse is for real? What are they willing to do to ensure their mission is a success? Find out in "The Curse of Europa"
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This is unusual and interesting. I've put it on my list to read later (there's a lot here).
I like the ideas here. I'm interested in the fact you've gone for present tense. Is this a personal preference or was it a choice for this project?
@BrianKayser Nah, it was great. I read all of the chapters. Reminded me of Bradbury, very interesting.
Great prologue!!! I love how you mingled a greek mytho tale into it.  I'm heading to the next chapter stoked.

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