What would you do if you were the umpteenth reincarnation of yourself? What would you do if you found out you keep being reincarnated? What would you do if you were unlike all of your past selves in almost every possible way? Amora Hart is a foster kid, ever since her parents died in a house fire and her other relatives didn't want to take her in. She had to switch schools, and is now outcast. She's counting down the days until she turns eighteen; that's when she gets her inheritance and all of the things her parents left for her. That's when she thinks all of her problems will go away. Then she meets Cam, the mysterious, funny, a-little-cocky, and all-around HOT stranger who seems to like her- then ignore her all together- then like her again. Throw in some bitches, two complete sleazes, and a few near-death experiences, and you get Amora's life. That's high school for you.
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My first thought when I reached the story:Hmm...guess i'll be reading a few pages

My thought now:How the heck did I get to chapter 9!?
I love this prologue :) It gives just enough to make me want to read more and it seems like your story is going to be really unique!
I feel so bad for her:( that's a awful thing to go through..I imagine. Also a few mistakes.. Maybe you could get a editor?
Love this,, it definitely keeps the reader wanting to read on. Very well written!!
This is actually quite enjoyable(: Saving to my mobile so I can read on the go(: Voted!
Few grammar mistakes, if any. I know that stuff doesn't matter in stories but to me it does and you did great :)

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