My Favorite Bible Verses and Quotes

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Hope you enjoy God's word not mine :)

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My friends say that God mentions unicorns in the Bible and I need to know where that is because I love unicorns.
jesus I love u from all my heart the bible is veryyy important jesus u ar the real god I love u ur the one that guide us thank u for everything mwaaa ♥♥♡♡ I LOVE YOU AMEN even though juesus ur the creator u created us 
all u created my family lanyloves u and everyone mwaaa AMEn ♥♥♡♡
imitating the almighty when I sended a meesege about what am reading I said how that means j didnt read the question I sended I asked how about the question and answered it
The Bible is a blessing. Also the Bible gives me so much HOPE. I know God isnt going to give up on me for all of the sins I have done. That is LOVE my friends.
for god so loved his son that he gave him so that whom belives in him shall not perish but have enternal life

JOHN 3:16
Yes!!! righteous never fail and never dump... never loose...