The fallen.

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_Fiction23 By _Fiction23 Updated 2 years ago
The fallen is a dark tale about a boy with an unusual name who meddles with the thing he finds most dangerous, his mind. Fiction is plagued with visions of death and terror and in trying to stop them with substance abuse, he only delves deeper into the darkness. (Rated PG-13 for some violence, drug use and disturbing scenes.) 

The cover art was not done by me, all credit goes to the original artist. (If there are any queries please contact me.)
EJ_Silverwater EJ_Silverwater 2 years ago
This has one of the best examples of imagery I have seen so far on wattpad :) Oh and this was seriously creepy bro, like, seriously... and I like 'em creepy ;p 
lmao keep 'em comin' XD
AngelD13 AngelD13 2 years ago
the bunny sounds kinda like the ones in the Rob Zombie movie....its AWSOME!!!!!!!:)) i LOVE it!!:)
Morgra Morgra 2 years ago
Wow. O.O At first I thought the bunny boy was cute until it started talking. Then when it was blood soaked... 
I loved the descriptions and the voice. ^^ Please post some more soon~!