Craigslist Killer

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LessThan3U By LessThan3U Updated 2 years ago
There are just some things that you can't plan for. Like dying.
You never plan to die, or at least not in the way I am talking.
You never plan to be murdered. You never plan to be killed by some crazy man in a theater, or by some person in a mall... You never plan to get killed by the guy from Craigslist. You never planned on any of that stuff happening, but it does.
Our world is imperfect, no matter how hard we try to make it out to be better. Things happen we cannot control. Death is something we can't avoid, but murder? 
Can you out wit death? Can you sneak through the grasp of a crazed killer? Can you make it out alive? Will you figure out what's going on before it's too late? Let's hope so, because that guitar you bought off Craigslist, might just cost you your life.
BeTALLeDazzled BeTALLeDazzled 2 years ago
Video on the side...

CREEPS ME OUT. LIKE dude, you remind of my friend who watches happy tree friends on a daily basis, and a potential successor to Jigsaw (From Saw). 

LightInTheDark26 LightInTheDark26 2 years ago
Lol, it was a little creepy, especially the red door part because I watched Insidious.
Good job though, voted!
HoofBeats3 HoofBeats3 2 years ago
Wow, this book is good!!! I love horror stodies, and this is one of the best I have read yet!
Sweet_Brown1095 Sweet_Brown1095 2 years ago
WOW!! ur writing is good!! this is so good, ur descriptions are really good and the atmosphere u create is very exciting and scary!! VOTED
MyNameIsHyper MyNameIsHyper 2 years ago
-points finger- MURDERER MURDERER! MOMMA GET THE SHOTGUN! Haha just kiiiiiidding. It's really good so far :) Is it gonna be like all detective stuff or in the killer's point of view? Sorry, I'm curious :D