Scars of A Withering Heart

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mywhoever By mywhoever Updated a year ago
Sadness. Just sadness.
MaleficentBlack MaleficentBlack 7 months ago
Wow... I can totally relate. Makes me think if you can read my feelings :/. It's just totally dumbfounding ate Jhing :) Really love it.
embuscade embuscade a year ago
i love this a lot. it shows a lot of feelings, (i hope you don't feel this way). i just adore this simply tragic poem because it really is one of the most accurate things that i have felt.
pianomad pianomad a year ago
Everything that is in this book is everything that I have done or want to do or how I feel
This poem is so amazing ^_^ I didn't even notice you dedicated it to me....silly girl I am haha thank you! Didn't expect it! Yay! 

Btw don't think I forgot about the clown poems...mjm I got my eyes on you..... +_+
ForeverAshie ForeverAshie 2 years ago
@mywhoever LOL! yeah i forgot that :P Anyways happy writing !
ForeverAshie ForeverAshie 2 years ago
@mywhoever Oh that's really sweet of you :) Haha yeah keep smiling ^_^