Scars of A Withering Heart

Sadness. Just sadness.
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Wow... I can totally relate. Makes me think if you can read my feelings :/. It's just totally dumbfounding ate Jhing :) Really love it.
I remember my Professor in this poem. He told us that having a long hair makes the girl look pretty but behind each strands it shows a weak side of personality,
Everything that is in this book is everything that I have done or want to do or how I feel
So the end...yeah... :'( 

I had awesome hair once.... Til I cut it "all" ncfhojndwch

Nice poem!
Awww. My brother likes this poem so much.  Omo.  This is the first time he appreciate poems. :'))
Hahaha. Mas gusto ko nga yung version mo eh. :P May mga ginagawa rin akong ganitong klase ng poems kaso Tagalog. Haha.

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