Cut through my skin, pull you within (On hold)

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Isabelle88 By Isabelle88 Updated 2 years ago
A world where shifters are the only race in the world. Lucia is the King’s daughter promised to marry a man she cares for but doesn’t love. When Dawson joins the pride she’s filled with every forbidden feeling they could never act on, until one night they do and create a chain of unforeseeable events spanning a lifetime.
pandaperson27 pandaperson27 2 years ago
I voted before I read the book because based on how good your other books are, I knew this had to be good
NightSchemer NightSchemer 2 years ago
I loved the beginning, I had an image of "the lion king" when she was describing her kingdom in the beginng. Btw which is my all time fav movie lol. I'm loving the story too. ❤❤❤
DeepestXxDesires DeepestXxDesires 2 years ago
Sighh...I feel so content just from reading this awesome chapter! Yeap...I'm a romance junkie >.<
honey13ee honey13ee 2 years ago
you hooked me once again great start to this story  it makes me wanting more
bettyboop1124 bettyboop1124 2 years ago
A usual, you pack more into a few pages than most can in a whole book! Great start. You've got me following three stories and I can't wait for more.
kiki9801 kiki9801 2 years ago
This is aweshum!!!! 1st chapter and im hooked
Cant wait for the next chp.