The Desire for Revenge (Sequel to The Other Uchiha - Kakashi Love Story)

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Alex1994 By Alex1994 Updated 2 years ago
SEQUEL TO THE OTHER UCHIHA (KAKASHI LOVE STORY)! It has been six years since Sonya was rescued and brought back to the Leaf. She has been happily married to Kakashi for almost six years with four kids. Everything seems to be going just right, doesn't it? Well, her finally happy ending may just began to slip out of reach when new surprising events unfold.

AsianGamersRule AsianGamersRule 7 months ago
But now Neji is dead in the Shippuden series a few episodes ago ;-;
Lexy4ever15 Lexy4ever15 2 years ago
dun dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun that cant' be good.
i hope naru-kun doesnt freak out 
and obito is like a minie Sasuke!!!!!! X3
kakaily kakaily 2 years ago
Great chap! Hope you have a nice trip :3
and upload soon ^^ kekeke
kakaily kakaily 2 years ago
hahaha lol xD omigoshhh~ could you send me the link for the pic of Obito? if you still have it? please? o3o
kakaily kakaily 2 years ago
yayyyy~~~~~ ^^ the sequel!!!! soooo good >< omg :3 obito is hot :P (always looking more more hotties) BTW... awesome cover~ <3
Hawkpath Hawkpath 2 years ago
O.O thanks for another dedication
Smart... less complications the writer has, the better ^_^