Table of Contents Free Verse: Gypsy Acrostic-Etheree-Reverse Etheree: Tenderness Pantoum: Mystic Waters Conceit: He's Like a Shawl Haibun: Diamond Moon Refrain: Lushness so Lusted Haiku Trilogy: Hunters Anaphor: Out of the Rain Aliliteration: Savage Seasons Dectine Refrain: The Moon as Muse
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When u read this page it relax ya and u can feel the owner heart wot she on about!
I enjoyed this undesrtanding poetry it relaxes my mind and takes my to cloud nine good job
I accidently passed a couple pages n glanced at this line, read it again, n it came across to me,,,"my body relaxed ar the sound of ur voice",,,
I loved the imagery created with the words and structure of this poem - the lines seemed to flow like the gypsy.
Beautiful poem! The flow of words and feelings created here is wonderful. Bravo!
I hope this means many more ppl will drop by to read this exquisite piece. So happy and best of luck!!!

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