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Strongheart By Strongheart Updated 9 months ago
Table of Contents 
Free Verse: Gypsy
Acrostic-Etheree-Reverse Etheree: Tenderness
Pantoum: Mystic Waters
Conceit: He's Like a Shawl
Haibun: Diamond Moon
Refrain: Lushness so Lusted 
Haiku Trilogy: Hunters 
Anaphor: Out of the Rain
Aliliteration: Savage Seasons
Dectine Refrain: The Moon as Muse
rosaimee rosaimee 2 months ago
Beautiful poem! I like how the conversation flows in a subtle way beneath the verses!
CarolyneZipp CarolyneZipp 2 months ago
Wow! Words woven together so beautifully...such a gift...keep it up!
oliviamatloch oliviamatloch 10 months ago
When u read this page it relax ya and u can feel the owner heart wot she on about!
JamieSanchez6 JamieSanchez6 11 months ago
I enjoyed this undesrtanding poetry it relaxes my mind and takes my to cloud nine good job
emptyfingertips emptyfingertips 11 months ago
I just wanted to let you know that g***y is an ethnic slur that targets Romani women and is not an appropriate thing to name your poem or collection if you are not of Romanian decent. Please consider changing this so it doesn't detract from the experience of your poetry.
raindrop raindrop a year ago
This form is so difficult, yet you've done it really well - and beautifully, too. :D I like it.