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I, Chassie Hill, have a secret. I work for a phone-sex hotline called "Talk Dirty To Me". It's not like I enjoy having phone sex with random people. I do it for the money. College isn't cheap, you know! Usually, the scenes I'm asked to portray in my "sessions" are boring, and not in the least bit stimulating, until Devon. I guess I should explain. My name is Devon Scott, and I'm in love with my best friend. Trust me, it's the hardest thing ever to be around her and not do everything I want to do to her. But, ever since I saw her that first day at her freshman orientation, I was forever in love with her. And now, I finally have an opportunity. Phone-sex and a little anonymity at a halloween party will get me the in I've been waiting for for three years.
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omg can you plz start writing the book again it has been 4 years YEARS and everyone is tired of waiting don't mean to sound like a bitch but plz
OMG, this book turns me on. I was inspired by this, so i did it myself :). This chick is basically me, but more slutty. but I enjoyed it,, give me more
I Was Reading This When My Dad Came In The Room. 

Dad-Wut Cha Reading?
Me-Um...Nothing...Just Stuff...
Me-Oh Shit... O_O
goooodddddd i reallly like this you better freaking write more!
i love how its not like that prissy girl shit thats always on wattpad
hahahaha this is so good you have to post more of this and soon i need to find out more kinky girl l love it

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