Closer to You || Sequel to More Than This

Ella Payne is sixteen now. She's still Niall's little princess, and still Liam and Meg's little sister. She's really everyone's little sister. It really can't get any better. Meg and Louis finally got to settle down together. They think it's all over. Daddy and Mummy are gone. No more troubles. It's much farther than that. When they shoved everything behind them into the doors and locked it with a key, there was one door they forgot about. Once a new neighbor unexpectedly moves in, they've only realized they've gotten much deeper into the water, much closer to danger. Relationships will be tested, tears will be shed, and if anything, there will be blood.
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@All_Star_Singer It would be really cool to be one! They love it. But their siblings are a lot older. Well not that much, but they're 20-30.
I have a two friends and one is an aunt at 12, the other is an uncle, and became one at 7.
I don't get it. In More Than This she was dating Louis but now it's Niall? I'm confused
@tomlinson_luv I think Roy's the guy at the police station that had Walter's back
I'm ten yrs. old(11 on Oct. 19)  and I'm proud to say 'I LOVE THE MOVIE; LION KING!!!!!!!!'
I'm mad at you you didn't wright there wedding that's like my fav parts in all books 

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