Closer to You || Sequel to More Than This

Ella Payne is sixteen now. She's still Niall's little princess, and still Liam and Meg's little sister. She's really everyone's little sister. It really can't get any better. Meg and Louis finally got to settle down together. They think it's all over. Daddy and Mummy are gone. No more troubles. It's much farther than that. When they shoved everything behind them into the doors and locked it with a key, there was one door they forgot about. Once a new neighbor unexpectedly moves in, they've only realized they've gotten much deeper into the water, much closer to danger. Relationships will be tested, tears will be shed, and if anything, there will be blood.
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@maurianna yeah right I figured it out when she said they forgot one think and then the little goblin in my brain had an aha moment
@tomlinson_luv I think Roy's the guy at the police station that had Walter's back
ROY!! NO THAT LITTLE Bi- mmm mind me language i am VERY fluent in my native language which is swearing!!
Who's roy? He sounds vvery familiar...i read more than this a long time ago so i forgot....
Omg I loved your first book so much I can't wait to read this one yay so much anticipation right now lol
That dude who was a friend of walter that was a cop and knew about the beatings maybe? Forgot his name :L anyone else know who I'm talking about? Lol

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