Love, Fate, And Pizza. (A Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fiction.) (Unfinished and On Hold)

(WARNING: SLOW UPDATES DUE TO SCHOOL.) "Aaylah! You got a package in the mail?" My mom screamed While throwing a small package to me. My heart stops when I see that all to familar logo in the top corner. Could this be? I turn red, and the room goes blurry. No, A. Focus. Takeing my Scissors I cut the tape on all sides, and slide the top of the box off. A letter lays Atop a small package wrapped in red foil. "Dear, Ms. Aaylah Arch. Me and the lads are more then glad to tell you that you have won Tickets, and a V.I.P pass to our concert...." My heart races and I get the biggest smile on my face I've ever had. "...The V.I.P Pass includes Pictures and, you get to hang out with us after the concert. I hope to see you there, As do the other lads. - - Harry Styles."
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Pleaseeee update it's been sooooo freaking long this is my 4th time rereading this because I keep craving it again lmfao xD
@Little_Direction37 I'm laughing so hard because I had asked this July 13th 2013 
@500yearsofwinter_5 look at the writers name and the YouTubers name. IT'S THE SAME.
@500yearsofwinter__5 she is. This is her story. She started on YouTube but stopped on chapter 15. So she put all 15 chapters here and continued.
The YouTube one is hers,she wanted to finish it here. I only remember this because that's how I discovered Wattpad.
Don't read she won't update and she hasn't for almost an YEAR if u don't believe me look at the end and all the comments

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