My Life, Dear Diary

Valerie Maria Scott is the perfect teenage girl, or is she? She has everything set -up for her she's part of the "Puffs" the most popular girls in school, her boyfriend is not perfect, but close enough. She couldn't ask for more. Then it happens, she starts feeling unusual, like something is wrong. Her whole life she grew up believing that she was normal. She couldn't be anymore wrong.
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I think you should add more details. There's a lot of dialogue and I think it's a bit rushed.

But it's pretty good. ;)
Good start. I like to hear what is happening in the characters head so if you add more of that I think it would be great
Grammar is a little off in some places but not very noticeable xD i like it good job!
it's not too bad. keep up the good work. one coment though, there are some grammer misshaps. (but I do that too so.... ;)
Heeeeeyyyy...just wanted to say that i love ur book and i think you should continue...BY THE WAY you have a pretty awesome editor!!!;)
I like it, maybe just seperate the dialogue so it's a little clearer who's speaking and when but nice start :) xx

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