Mr High and Mighty

There's always that one golden boy in the school. The boy all girls want to date and the one most guys look up to. Yeah, Leo Gallagher was his name. You probably already know he's gorgeous. But I bet you didn't know he was also a pompous ass with his nose stuck so far into his butt that it would take a doctor to pull it out. Although unplanned, I was the one who ended up pulling it out. It was awhile before he finally walked on the same ground as we human beings did. Love isn't perfect, but we got there in the end. After all he's my Mr High and mighty ;)
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Loved it ! Cameron creeped  me out! Loved Leo though even though I prefer wicked people more.  This one is an exception :))
@xxmirrorimagexx you know wata even more ironic? yoour user name.. >:P LOL wen someone yells out karma i yell back im not hindu.. makes sense ? :9 i did! XD she just lost a weeks worth! but no touching makes no sense how do they convince everyone at school they're dating?
i was just thinking about how rotten cabbages and eggs were so random and out of place...then i read the next page. xD good stuff!
Love it:) cameron is getting is the real jerk, I really do hope she stays with Leo:)
why is the ending missing?
the last word is serio? the chapter doesn't end lik this does it?
it's the same with the previous chapters

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