Generation X

The Corporation has created powerful weapons. Genetically-enhanced children, in fact. But when a group of children escapes from their prison, they find that their involvement in the world may be bigger then they realized. In a world of hovercrafts, acid rain and orange skies, will they even live as normal children--or was their destiny really to be assassins?
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@CyberPunks I know she dropped the kid but that was what was going through my mind.
This is such a good book. It reminds me of the Jimmy Coates series. I like the way the three generations don't get along.  You are a really talented writer.
This story is great, it;s so different and unique. I love your writing style and this story sure has some great potential. Good job :)
He should no better. You're not supposed to hit a girl! Wow, another good and well written chapter. I voted. By the way, this deserves way more reads!!
Wow, this is exciting. I have never read books like this before. Oh no, the little kid died, I wonder why they wanted her to kill him. Hmmmmm.
on my god! I was completely gripped by the first line itself and when they said "Drop the baby" my heart missed a beat! Brilliant! Upload soon!

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